Wine Tasting - Gruner Veltliner

Austrian Wine Gruner Veltliner

Looking for a different white wine to try? Gruner Veltliner -This grape variety, which is Austria’s own, dates back to Roman times and has been at the centre of the vast recent improvements and resurgence in Austrian winemaking. Even though it has a variety of expressions within Austria, whether it be a light easy drinking wine with citrus and peach flavours or as a more complex intense wine with the characteristic notes of spicy white pepper, it has won many admirers for its versatility with food. It is perfect with smoked fish, such as smoked salmon, and also works well with other smoked or cured meats such as bacon or ham. It also goes well with vegetables. However it is really refreshing and can be drunk and enjoyed on its own, or as an aperitif. 

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