Cheese and Wine Pairing - Cheddar

Cheddar and Wine Wine and Cheese

The history of cheddar can be traced back to Roman times. It was however not until the 1500s that Cheddar made in Somerset became known as such. Even though it has been copied in many other parts of the world the very best is that made from cows that graze in Dorset, Devon and Somerset. Within this area comes Farmhouse cheddar made by hand with the raw milk of a single farm. This cheese has an unbeatable depth of flavour and a fine hard texture.

One example is Montgomery's cheddar from Somerset. Generally rich, sweet, fruity, and nutty, in flavour, Montgomery's is drier than most other cheddars with a grainy and crystalline crunch as it ages.

A cheddar with a good depth of flavour will go perfectly with a variety of red wines (Pinot Noir, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon etc). Merlot can also have enough structure to hold up to the depth and flavour of something like a Montgomery as the frequent characteristics of a Merlot of sweet blackberry and dark cherry flavours pair well with the rich and slightly fruity style/nature of the cheese! Delicious.

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