Jargon Busting: What is meant by compexity and body in wine tasting?

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What is meant by complexity in wine tasting.

This is one of the most subjective terms used in describing wines. In essence complexity can be used to describe a wine that has a myriad of flavours and aromas. This is highlighted when you take a sniff or taste, followed by another, and not only does the wine appear subtly different from one taste to another, but it reveals different layers of flavour which on the palate reveal levels of intensity and different characteristics. The optimum result is that the taster never gets bored with the wine and enjoys discovering all the various characteristics and flavours as they are revealed.

What is meant by body in wine tasting.

Body in wine is all about how it feels in the mouth. The weight and density of a wine is how you determine the level of body. Think about how dense or thin it is, how oily or watery it feels. Discerning the body in a wine starts as soon as it hits the tongue and can be continually assessed as it crosses the palate and flows across the tongue.

Fuller bodied wines are a delight as they caress the palate with a rich coating of flavour and it is very easy to be seduced by their richness especially as they make a bigger first impression. However this does not mean that wines that don't do this are in any way inferior as there is a real beauty and sensuality to wines that have more delicate flavours and balance.

The most affective way to assess body for your own palate is to taste a full bodied wine, a medium bodied wine, and a light bodied wine, side by side. This helps to highlight the differences. If you would like any advice or recommendations on this please do get in touch.

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