Private Preserve Wine Saver

Private Preserve Wine Saver

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Preserves unfinished bottle of wine or malts.

Preserves up to 120 bottles of wine, port, cognac, sake. whisky or olive oil.

Private Preserve enables unfinished bottles of wine or malts to be stored without spoiling.

Oxidisation alters the taste and bouquet of a bottle of wine and preserving a bottle can often be challenging. Although vacuum pumps and other products have been invented to solve this problem, they do not effectively remove all the air from the bottle and the wine can only be preserved for a few extra days.

All of this has changed thanks to Private Preserve. Private Preserve contains a mixture of tasteless inert gasses which are non-toxic, non-flammable with no environmental danger. The odourless gasses of argon and carbon dioxide lay an inert blanket protecting the wine from oxidising until the next time it’s poured. Once the gas is sprayed in, simply replace the cork and keep the bottle upright. Will preserve for 8 weeks, even longer in most cases.

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