Compass Box Miniature Gift Box, Scotland

Compass Box Miniature Gift Box, Scotland

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A rather fabulous gift pack of test-tube style miniatures from the Compass Box core range. Pack includes 5cl minis of Asyla, Oak Cross, Peat Monster, Spice Tree and Hedonism.

Compass Box is a small, independent, specialist Scotch whisky company. They are devoted to making some of Scotland’s premier whiskies through the art of blending.

Similar to fine wine negociants, they choose individual casks from different distilleries, which offer complementary sets of flavours, and then blend these whiskies in small batches. They have an innovative approach to naming and labelling their whiskies. This approach is all part of their vision? Take a contemporary approach to a traditional product. At the core of everything Compass Box creates, is a focus on purity of flavour, richness and a drinking experience that will call people back to their glass?. They believe that this is the true measure of a whisky’s quality.

The whiskies come from Scotland’s best distilleries, choosing and buying aged stock. They purchase both single malt and single grain whiskies.

There is particular attention paid to the types and provenance of the oak casks used to mature the whiskies they buy. They believe in the use of active oak casks more so than most of the large, industrial whisky producers and through their use of active oak it is possible to create richer, more compelling whiskies. This is the basis for their house style.

Compass Box typically use three or four different distillery whiskies in their recipes; a different approach to the industry standard which can use up to 40. This allows them to showcase the distinct character of particular whiskies, while skilfully complementing their personalities. Whisky blending is misunderstood by many people. It is a vital skill of whiskymaking and Compass Box have carefully perfected the art of blending.

After blending, the whiskies are aged their further, a technique known as marrying. Compass Box frequently marry in new oak casks to add additional flavour, richness and complexity. These are steps one wouldn't ordinarily find with a large producer but are important to achieving the compelling, world class whiskies Compass Box are renowned for.

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