Scaramanga, Nabygelegen Private Cellar, Wellington, South Africa

2021 Scaramanga, Nabygelegen Private Cellar, Wellington, South Africa

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A really individual blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec & Tempranillo.

30% Cabernet Sauvignon,
30% Merlot,

20% Malbec,
20% Tempranillo

A well defined and balanced wine that has aromas of leather and black current that extend into the pallet mingling with sweet berries and pepper. An extended finish lingering over soft ripe tannins make this wine a delight.

Nabygelegen has a very old history of winemaking with the original cellar building dating back to well before its inscribed 1815 gable date. The recent restoration of Nabygelegen began in mid-2001 with the extensive planting of new vineyards and the rejuvenation of their existing ones. With some vines planted in the 1940’s and new plantings coming online yearly, their commitment to quality without compromise is firmly on track!

Nabygelegen, in the heart of the Bovlei “upper valley” winegrowing district just outside Wellington, enjoys a special interaction between diverse soils, slopes and climate, contributing to the farming of consistently high quality, super-premium wines in a very South African style.

Their small production of concentrated wines has gained critical acclaim.

They also subscribe to ethical labour practices and enthusiastically pursue positive environmental development of the area. 

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