2018 Smederevka, Tikves Estate, Tikvesh, Macedonia

2018 Smederevka, Tikves Estate, Tikvesh, Macedonia

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Pale lemon colour with tropical and stone fruit aromas, underpinned by a streak of zesty citrus. Beautifully balanced on the palate with crisp and refreshing fruit flavours through to a clean, vibrant and refreshing finish.

Smederevka is the most widely planted white variety in the Republic of Macedonia, but it seems likely that its origins are in Bulgaria, where there is some genetic diversity. A legend that it was brought to Bulgaria from Egypt by the crusaders is likely to be no more than that: a legend.

The Tikveš Winery has been a significant part of the Republic of Macedonia’s story as a winemaking country since 1885.

11% ABV.

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