2018 Menetou-Salon Morogues, Domaine Henry Pelle, Loire, France

2018 Menetou-Salon Morogues, Domaine Henry Pelle, Loire, France

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Aromas of ripe white peach and blackcurrant leaf, with hints of super-ripe fruit and lime notes. The palate has lots of refreshing citrus zest, nettle and grassy characters, lovely minerality and a slightly creamy, honeyed finish. Refreshing acidity and good balance. 

13.5% ABV. Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Straddling the Loire appellations of Sancerre and Menetou-Salon, Domaine Pellé produces world-renowned, terroir-expressive wines from its family-owned vineyards. Fourth-generation winemaker Paul-Henry Pellé pays meticulous attention to viticulture and winemaking, ensuring that the pure varietal flavours and aromas of Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir and the natural characteristics of the Kimmeridgian vineyards are expressed in your glass. Domaine Henry Pellé began its sustainable approach to viticulture in 2007, by using no weed killers, chemical insecticides nor anti-rot products. The 10-hectare domaine is cultivated using methods that maintain natural balance and that work the soil in the traditional way, for example weeding, clearing and grape thinning by hand. This year, the company is taking a further leap towards sustainability, aiming to become carbon neutral and seeking to develop geothermal and solar panel projects. As of 2020, the domaine will be certified as organic by ECOCERT.

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