Grillo, Feudo Disisa, DOC Sicilia, Italy

2015/6 Grillo, Feudo Disisa, DOC Sicilia, Italy

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12%. A wine that has a number of accolades and has featured in Gambero Rosso (Italy's pre-eminent wine and food guide). Fruity, fresh and light in alcohol. A real delight!

This estate dates back to the 12th century and has been in the Di Lorenzo family for 200 years. Located in the rolling Monreale countryside in the north-east of the island, the 400 hectare estate is planted with olive groves and with 55 hectares of native varietals. Since 1970, it has also been used as an experimental test bed for international varieties (indeed they boast Sicily’s oldest chardonnay vineyard).

Food recommendation - Grilled chicken with herbs. Bream. Seabass.

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