2018 Bergerie de l’Hortus Blanc, Domaine de l'Hortus, Languedoc, France

2018 Bergerie de l’Hortus Blanc, Domaine de l'Hortus, Languedoc, France

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The Bergerie Blanc is made up of Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier,  Sauvignon Gris, Chardonnay,  Petit Manseng and  Bourboulenc. Vibrant, pure and concentrated, with lots of flavour and elegance.

Floral aromas alongside a palate of citrus and floral notes. Fresh and smooth, with fabulous balance.

Domaine de l’Hortus is owned by the Orliac family, headed up by Jean and Martin, one of the first people to realise the potential of this area. Jean first rented vines in 1978 and planted his own vines between the two peaks of the region, the Pic St Loup and the Montagne de l’Hortus. In total, they now have 55 hectares of vines, split over two sites. The main vineyard area is near the winery with a cooler microclimate. The second vineyard area is situated at Clos St Jean.

"Twenty years ago, I drove down to the South of France to do some tasting on behalf of my great friend and one of the most influential men in our wine industry, the late Adam Bancroft MW.  All of the estates which he sent me to are still firm favourites in our market but one stands out as being the standard bearer for its region and also for the extraordinary value afforded by its wines.  My featured white is made from a beguiling amalgam of Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Sauvignon Gris, Chardonnay, Petit Manseng and Bourboulenc. I swear you can taste every single grape in this exquisite blend.  It is the essence of Spring in a glass and at 12.5% alcohol is it also beautifully gentle and relaxed in the glass.  The 2016 Bergerie Classique Rouge is a thrilling red, too, made from a GSM blend and a proud possessor of refined tannins and more breeding than the usual rustic fare found in this part of the world.  Below these two you will find a pair of glorious but remarkably classy gluggers – 2016 Loup y-es tu Blanc and 2016 Le Loup dans la Bergerie Rouge (both around the £11-mark).  With great labels and knockout, juicy, authentic flavours this is a stunning duo.  These four wines will amaze you with their value and their aura!  Santé Adam." Matthew Jukes, March 2018 reviewing the earlier 2016 vintage.

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